Loving Yourself

I really wanted to write this post – as despite all the social media coverage on women embracing self love – there’s still so many that just think this does not apply to them – or worst that they cannot be saved.

As a mum and or even just as a woman – I know so many that have days where they put up with shit that doesn’t make them happy, or deal with bad relationships, friendships or hold on to things that hold them back. 

Whatever it may be – it seems a lot of us hold on to things that doesn’t serve us.  I still haven’t figured out why – my guess would be – we tend to put other others people’s feelings/needs first, and as a result-  have become a victim of our own circumstances.

Then life happens as it does, and we finally crack into a thousand pieces – and then are forced to put ourselves back together and decide to truly love ourselves.

So I think – lets skip all of the above – and wake up each morning with one question for the day  – What would someone who loves themselves do?

It’s the one life tool I live by…..

Would someone who loves themselves work in a job they hate – Heck no,

Would someone who loves themselves sit by a pool with a book and a cocktail – Hell yes!! 

Haha I’m not saying that’s what we should all do – but at least find in your day that fills your cup 😊  

Lots of love,