Let's Talk Packaging!


Lately, I’ve been very conscious on the amount of waste I had/have created – from the groceries I buy through to the household goods I purchase.  To be honest - Its not something I had previously thought much about. 

You see,  I was born in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia – and most of the takeaway food/clothing there is wrapped in plastic, or throwaway bags; and it never crossed my mind where these bags were going once I put it in the bin 😊 I guess back then – it was accepted that out of site = out of mind?

But in the last few years - the emphasis on sustainable living has caught my interest – especially after I had Lucy.  Last year she shocked me when she broke her toy – and said “don’t worry mum – we’ll just buy another” …. and I thought to myself – she has learnt from me that everything is replaceable and not fixable?  At such an impressionable age – she has already seen how easily it is to just “get something new”

So it definitely kick started my “war on waste” attitude 😊

As a  result,  Lucy Jean Clothing will be packaged in a biodegrable and re-useable zip lock bag as well as a biodegradable postage bag ( from Better Packaging Co).  I have also chosen not to do any swing tags – the sizing is on the garment – and it just seemed like an added piece of paper that ends up getting thrown out.

I know there are a lot more things that I could do – but for now – just doing the best I can to reduce my waste on this world 😊

Deb & Lucy x