The World Of Lucy Jean Clothing

  • Let's Talk Packaging!

    But in the last few years - the emphasis on sustainable living has caught my interest – especially after I had Lucy.  Last year she shocked me when she broke her toy – and said “don’t worry mum – we’ll just buy another” …. and I thought to myself – she has learnt from me that everything is replaceable and not fixable?  At such an impressionable age – she has already seen how easily it is to just “get something new” View Post
  • Loving Yourself

    As a mum and or even just as a woman – I know so many that have days where they put up with shit that doesn’t make them happy, or deal with bad relationships, friendships or hold on to things that hold them back.  View Post
  • Lucy Jean Clothing has landed!

    Lucy Jean Clothing has been in the making for some time now and we are so excited to share our new kids clothing line with you. View Post