March 10, 2020 1 min read

Why I started Lucy Jean Clothing

I'm Deb and I am the owner of Lucy Jean.

Starting in this industry has been such a different and exciting experience for me.  I have always been in the finance industry and even started my own business as a mortgage broker ( you can’t get anything further then retail to that😊) which I did for 12 years.


I have always had a passion for fashion and it wasn’t until I had my daughter Lucy that I felt the desire to embrace this side of myself.  I did not realise how much I loved finding outfits for my daughter - it was both a love of fashion and loving being able to share these moments with her. 


I really wanted to start a business I could eventually share with Lucy – something that we could do together and she could be a part of (finance was not going to cut it haha)

It’s amazing now to see how she reacts around fabric – she instinctively feels for what she likes and what she doesn’t – its such an amazing thing to watch.


However, one of the most amazing things this business has given me was being able to see your gorgeous kids in Lucy Jean – and being able to be a part of these occasions that you share with your children.  Motherhood is such a special time for us – it’s been a beautiful thing to see your moments together - keep tagging us in your pictures - I love them! xx

Lucy Jean
Lucy Jean

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